S.M.W "Molex" Pin Remover




Sleeving ToolのS.M.W "Molex" Pin Removerです。PC電源ケーブルをスリーブ化する際にコネクタからピンを抜くためのツールです。ペリフェラル4pinのオス・メスコネクタに使用します。


"Pin-Remover Save-My-Wallet"

The perfect and cheapest Pin-Remover for the fat-4-pin connectors (male and female), sometimes incorrectly called “Molex” connectors. With the two high-precision, custom made tubes (made in Germany of course), you get all you need for these pins and can build your own 4-pin Pin-Remover in a creative way. The photos show you an example of a possible assembly. This is just one of many methods and we bet that you can find other solutions that are even cooler. The application of this tool is very easy: Depending on the pin-size (4-pin), you use one of both tube sizes which fits. Put it over the pin, push it as deep into the connector as possible (also push the cable towards the Pin-Remover) and then just pull the cable out of the connector. Pin-Removers for the extraction of these specific pins are usually sold for 7 to 10 Euros. We created this tool in order to offer you a perfectly precise solution for the job and save your wallet at the same time: "Save My Wallet Edition". Best quality, lower price! This Pin-Remover for the fat-4-pin connector-pins is the ideal partner for the original MOLEX Pin-Remover. You own the best tool-kit if you get both. For 3-pin fan-connectors and USB-connectors, it's best to use a nail-scissor or similar home-tools, because they simply work better than "modding-toys".