Cable-Management-Clip Black BIG (5個入)




Cable-Management-Clip Black BIGです。MDPC-X Small Sleeve、XTC Sleeve、 MEDIUM Sleeve、Special-Diameter Sleeve、BIG Sleeve等をまとめて固定するために使用します。 BIGサイズは、1クリップで8本のMDPC-X Small Sleeveを束ねることが出来ます。例えば、このクリップとM3ボルトを使用すれば、PCケース内で裏配線のケーブルスリーブをマザーボードトレイ等のネジ穴を利用して固定することが出来ます。


These are our ultimate cable-management-clips: The maximum in quality and beauty, made in Germany! This BIG size is exactly specified for e. g. 8 individually sleeved wires (0.75 mm² to 1.00 mm², 18 AWG to 16 AWG). The cable bundle can be up to 12.5 mm in diameter. You need to have at least 14 mm of air vertically to the surface, where you mount the clip to.

You can actually use the cable-management-clips anywhere, where a screw already holds something in place or a thread is empty. Of course you can also make your own threads or use them in any other application where you want to route your cables nicely.

Tip: You can mount two clips stacked on the same fastener by rotating one of the clips 180° horizontally, doubling the total cable-routing capacity per mounting spot.

If you use them inside computer systems, you typically mount them with screws (M3 or UNC) to empty motherboard-standoff threads. You can also put them on top of the motherboard by using the screws which are used to fix the motherboard to the standoffs on the tray.

As always with MDPC, these cable-management-clips are without compromise: Only the best, never less.