Crimp Terminal FAN




Crimp Terminal FANは、主に3pinまたは4pin等ケースファン、マザーボードに搭載されたファンコネクタ用のメス型圧着端子です。ワイヤサイズ26AWG(0.22mm²)の電線にこのメス型FAN圧着端子は、完璧に圧着できます。圧着工具やピン抜き工具を使用してファンケーブルを自作する方にとっては必需品となるアイテムです。


Crimp Terminal FAN

FAN crimp terminals FEMALE for fan housings.

These are the highest quality female crimp terminals for fan cables, fan housings and devices which use PC motherboard onboard fan connectors for their function. You can use these FAN crimp terminals on all common wire sizes, which you find e. g. in PC / computer systems that connect to onboard fan connectors. Crimping of these female FAN crimp terminals on 26AWG (0.22 mm²) electrical wire will be perfect. MDPC-X recommends electrical wire with PVC insulation for crimping female FAN crimp terminals. You can find electrical wire here at MDPC-X and at some of our MDPC-X Stores around the world or in shops for electrical supplies.

Combine these female FAN crimp terminals with our legendary Crimping Tool for FAN crimp terminals and you will have the full joy of shortening or building your own cables. A relatively small investment into absolute freedom in the world of creativity, cable sleeving and technology.