MDPC-X Code-Red Cable Sleeve BIG




MDPC-X Code-Red Cable Sleeve BIGです。Code-RedはMDPC-Xスリーブの中で最も強い蛍光性の赤色で光沢があります。UVにも反応しますので、UVライトやわずかな日光の影響でも鮮やか赤色を発揮します。

Cable Sleeve BIGシリーズは当店で取り扱いのあるスリーブの中で一番大きいサイズになります。





Code-Red Cable Sleeve BIG

Code-Red cable sleeve BIG for diameters from 12.0 mm to 24 mm.

Code-Red is the most intense red cable sleeve in our spectrum, highly fluorescent, extreme, alarming and the best red to use in dark environments when it is important to still see the red on your custom cables. If Code-Red is too strong, you are too weak!

The BIG cable sleeve can cover objects, tubes, cables and cable bundles up to 24 mm outer diameter. Of course this BIG cable sleeve can be used for smaller diameters than 12 mm as well, but then the inner object will be smaller than the sleeving. Remembering this, you can also put the sleeving on cables with fixed HDMI connectors, PC internal USB3 connectors and similar on their ends.

MDPC-X Cable Sleeve BIG

・ On the left side you see the BIG sleeve applied to an object of 22 mm OD.

・ In the center you see BIG sleeve applied to a hard tube of 16 mm OD while the caps of the hardtube fittings are on top of the sleeving.

・ On the right you see BIG sleeve applied to an object with a 12 mm OD, which perfectly fills the sleeving on the lower end of its diameter range while fully stretched lengthwise.